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Wrap your face in total hydration!

FaceWrap is a non-adhesive mask made of ultra thin, medical grade stretch silicone. Helps hold in the moisture while applying a facial mask or moisturizer Inspired by silicone scar treatment technology, FaceWrap is designed to adhere to the contours of the face locking in moisture, creating an intensive hydration climate. Use with your favorite creams or masks for better absorption and efficacy. After just one treatment, skin will appear less lined, hydrated and refreshed, revealing a more youthful glow.

Your skin is able to absorb the healing mask or serum (or any products really) better because the silicone mask absorbs absolutely nothing, meaning nothing goes to waste, and less evaporation from the product being absorbed by the dry air. Which means all that money you’ve spent on the very high quality emulsion isn’t going literally down the drain.


DEEPLY HYDRATING AND HEALING: This silicone mask locks in moisture to create a breathable barrier that hydrates at the deepest level and promotes collagen production.

INCREASED ABSORPTION: Micro climate technology prevents evaporation of masks, serums, creams, and oils for deep penetration treatments.

REUSABLE: Material: Silicone. It can rewashed and reused.

DIMINISHES LINES AND WRINKLES: This silicone mask locks in moisture and allows your skin to heal and hydrate from the inside out. This deep hydration diminishes and prevents signs of aging.

PREVENTS SIGNS OF AGING: Hydration is the holy grail of skin care! This mask uses micro climate technology to dramatically increase skin's hydration levels after only 1 use!

Silicone FaceWrap Mask is wear over a sheet mask, cream or serum and it prevents mask ingredients from evaporating, helps reserve the maximum amount of active ingredients and water for skin nourishment. Unique ear hanging type design of FaceWrap, effectively prevent the facial mask when walking, mask shift or shedding. Wearing it in the bath it can also be used as steam mask to promote facial perspiration.


After removing FaceWrap you will have achieved an absorption by the skin of more than 50% of the nutrients and water contained in the products you applied.
Before FaceWrap, it was only 1%



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